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Biofeedback Monitoring using a Galvanic Skin Response Meter - This article explores the concept of using a galvanic skin response (GSR) meter as a counselling and study aid. This article appeared in InfiIQMag (the magazine of the Infinity International Society), Vol. 2, December 2009. The article has now also been published by the Hamilton Institute.

Effective Study Methods and Biomonitoring-Assisted Study Debug Techniques - This article explores the most workable study techniques, together with the use of the GSR meter to locate and resolve a student's areas of difficulty with his or her study materials. This article appeared in IQ Nexus Magazine, Vol. 3, March 2010.

Beyond Superlearning - the Use of Audiovisual Entrainment as a Study Tool - This article examines the work in accelerated learning techniques pioneered by Dr. Georgi Lozanov and popularised by Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder in their book "Superlearning" (1979), and how the underlying principles can be enhanced using modern neurotechnology. This article appeared in IQ Nexus Magazine, Vol. 4, June 2010.

Mnemotechnics - A Review of the Giordano Memory System - This article describes the only really workable, modern and practical memory system being taught today. This article appeared in IQ Nexus Magazine, Vol. 5, September 2010.

Teaching the Visual-Spatial Learner - A review of Linda K. Silverman's book "Upside-Down Brilliance: The Visual-Spatial Learner", with additional reflection and comments based on my own teaching experience. This article appeared in WIN ONE Magazine (World Intelligence Network Online Edition), Edition 6, April 2011.

The Positive Benefits of Electrical Stimulation - This article explores a short history of the use of electricity for health and cognitive enhancement purposes and briefly describes the technology of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) and cranial electrostimulation (CES). This article appeared in WIN ONE Magazine,Edition 8, June 2012.