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Workable Technology for the Mind

I have for a long time been interested in technology and methods for enhancing the ability of the average or above-average person. In my quest for techniques and technologies that increase ability and learning, I have studied through a vast number of books, manuals, DVDs, lectures, articles, websites, and numerous courses and practical workshops over the past 25+ years.

Study Methods and Study Debug

As a course trainer, study skills technician and training director with many years' experience, I have not only investigated and tested pretty much everything that is out there with regard to study, I also have a proven track record in teaching study skills and debugging students' study problems. I am currently in the process of compiling a study manual for teaching these techniques for students to purchase online and use at home. This is expected to be available later in 2013.

As a student debug counsellor, I have a number of tools to debug student problems face-to-face. For students already experienced in using these study methods, bio-monitor assisted student debug is available.

Ability-Oriented Counselling

Several types of self-exploration techniques are available, with the focus being on finding personal blocks and releasing one's native abilities. I am trained in both Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) and the original techniques upon which it is based.

Additional Technologies of Interest

I am also interested in researching the following, either separately or in any combination:

Mnemonic systems and memory enhancement techniques, accelerated learning techniques, speed mathematics techniques, brainwave entrainment (audiovisual stimulation), smart nutrition, supplements and detox, cranial electrostimulation (CES), biomonitoring using galvanic skin response and EEG, biofeedback.

Groups and Projects of Interest

As a member of various high IQ societies I have a particular interest in the learning requirements and vocational requirements of high ability adults, especially those who may not have had their extraordinary talents nurtured when it mattered most, nor ever received appropriate educational or career support.

Please take a moment to read my Manifesto for the Exceptionally Gifted.







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